AI for the mind, Dr Hamzah Selim, Mindstep

April 19, 2024

We had an insightful chat with Dr. Hamzah Selim, Founder at Mindstep, to learn about Mindstep, and what it brings to the insurance industry. Mindstep aims to support individuals through mental health conditions by offering self-management pathways and appropriate solutions for their issues.

“We provide digital AI triage for the 10 most prevalent brain and mental health conditions.”

Hamzah decided to make his service globally accessible by digitising the process used within the clinic.

“It can triage individuals by finding their risk and issues, and bring them to the right care pathway”

“We allow insurers to manage patients 24/7 for their brain and mental health. That’s really important, because that’s the biggest factor that will determine someone’s mental health journey. Insurers who utilise Mindstep see a 30% reduction in the amount of primary care and urgent care appointments.”

Mindstep is able to take the burden away from insurers, whilst also saving them money in the long term and providing the customer with the care that they need.

“We have 200,000 users on our consumer product within the last 10 months. The NHS, with physical doctors, could have never seen that volume of patients in the current system. AI was able to see all of these patients and manage them independently 24/7 wherever they are.”

“Last week we launched our ADHD assessment. This is the first one that comprehensively looks at ADHD and can manage it.”