From Spreadsheets to Scalability: Dani Katz on Optalitix’s No-Code Insurance Platform

November 20, 2023

In this exclusive interview for the IKH Disruptive Tech series filmed at ITC Vegas, we sit down with Dani Katz, Co-founder and Director of Optalitix, to discuss how their no-code insurance platform works with the industry and their partnership with Lloyds of London

During the interview, Katz also explains the technology they’re using to support their customers, where he sees the opportunity outside of Lloyds and what’s next for Optalitix. 

Founded in 2013, Optalitix is a team of engineers, actuaries, analysts and data scientists that specialise specialise in converting Excel spreadsheet models to code. Headquartered in London, their scalable no-code platform underwrites insurance and loans at scale, providing processes embedded with data-driven insights.