Simplifai And Contemi Partner To Bring Strategic AI Automation To TT Forsikring

January 16, 2024

Simplifai, the secure AI Automation provider, and Contemi Solutions, trusted financial technology provider to insurance, asset and wealth management, banking and capital markets industries, announced the latest customer acquisition, TT Forsikring, a Norwegian Insurance Provider. Together, they will take TT Forsikring into a new era of operational excellence and customer service innovation.

TT Forsikring, an emerging player in the insurance industry, has trusted Simplifai’s cutting-edge AI Automation solution to allow efficient scalability, in order to gain a competitive edge against the bigger competitors. The deployment of AI technology by the insurance company is done to enhance its operational efficiency, elevate its customer experience, and grow with higher conversion and lower cost securing a formidable place in the highly competitive insurance market.

“TT Forsikring wants to challenge the big companies in the insurance market in Norway. To succeed in this, we rely on the latest technology in customer communication. Simplifai has the knowledge and experience within AI that enables TT Forsikring to scale up its customer base significantly while maintaining an efficient and good dialogue with our customers,” said Terje Danielsen CEO TT Forsikring.

The initial phase of this project will see Simplifai’s solutions adeptly managing policy cancellations and handling customer inquiries. By automating these critical processes, TT Forsikring will ensure prompt and accurate responses to customer needs, thereby setting a new standard for customer service.

“This collaboration gives TT Forsikring the ability to compete effectively with much larger insurance companies,” said Bård Myrstad, Simplifai CEO. “The value to Managing General Agents and smaller challengers gives them the ability to ensure faster projects and more adaptable solutions. The combination of Contemi and Simplifai gives TT Forsikring a strategic advantage over their competitors.”

“It’s a pleasure working with TT Forsikring, a company that constantly challenges the traditional ways of working in insurance,” said Ted Cederlund, Commercial Director at Contemi. He further adds, “TT has been using, our modular insurance platform, for over a year, and now they take another step in their digital transformation journey; TT can proudly say they are at the forefront of the industry, working on a cloud-native core platform and using AI.”

The partnership between Simplifai, Contemi, and TT Forsikring is dawn of new possibilities in the insurance sector, highlighting the indispensable role of AI in shaping the future. The potential for further integration of AI across different facets of their business holds the promise of unprecedented growth and innovation.