Sønr Partners With WTW To Bolster Innovation And Global Connectivity

November 30, 2023

Sønr, a leading innovation scouting and collaboration platform, is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with WTW, one of the world’s premier advisory, broking, and solutions companies.
WTW has chosen Sønr to bolster its innovation initiatives and strengthen connectivity within its innovation teams, worldwide.

This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone for both Sønr and WTW, as it underscores their shared commitment to driving innovation in the insurance and financial services industries.

Matt Connolly, CEO of Sønr, expressed his enthusiasm about this new partnership: “We are proud to welcome WTW as a valued client. Sønr’s mission has always been to help companies
discover and create new opportunities. We are excited to support WTW in their quest to harness innovation from around the world and enhance their global innovation ecosystem.”

Steve Blumenfield, Head of Partnerships and Alliances on the Innovation an Acceleration team at WTW, emphasized the importance of this partnership for the company: “As the insurance and financial services landscape continues to evolve, we recognize the crucial role that innovation plays in shaping our industry’s future.” He added: “Sønr gives us access to insights and solutions that enable our teams to provide more innovative solutions for our business and clients.”

Sønr’s platform empowers organizations like WTW to identify emerging technologies, start-ups, and innovative solutions that can drive growth and transformation. By streamlining the innovation scouting process and fostering collaboration, Sønr facilitates the rapid adoption of new ideas, ensuring that clients stay at the forefront of industry innovation.