Spotlight on InsurTech Israel: Dan Goldenblatt, Managing Director EMEA and APAC,

May 1, 2024

As part of our Spotlight on InsurTech Israel series, we spoke with Dan Goldenblatt, Managing Director for EMEA and APAC at, during Insurtech Week in London. During the interview Goldenblatt outlines the company’s collaboration with the insurance industry and its efforts to address industry challenges.

He explains Pecan’s role in working with insurance companies, highlighting the specific problems the company helps solve through its predictive analytics solutions and offers compelling examples of how Pecan’s predictive analytics benefit its customers, illustrating the tangible impact of their solutions on improving decision-making processes within the insurance sector.

Moreover, the interview explores the various areas of the insurance business where Pecan can provide assistance, underscoring the company’s versatility in addressing a wide range of challenges faced by insurers. Looking towards the future, the interview concludes with a discussion on Pecan’s upcoming plans and initiatives, providing insights into the company’s vision and aspirations for continued innovation and growth within the insurance industry.