Spotlight on InsurTech Israel: Nimrod Kozlovski & Omer Itzhak, Cytactic

April 20, 2024

As part of our Spotlight on InsurTech Israel series, we spoke with Nimrod Kozlovski & Omer Itzhak from Cytactic, during Insurtech Week in London. During the interview Kozlovski and Itzhak provide insights into the company’s collaboration with the insurance industry and its role in addressing cybersecurity challenges.

Elaborating on Cytactic’s approach to working with insurance companies, emphasizing the solutions it offers to enhance cyber crisis readiness and shed light on the company’s unique approach to cyber crisis management, highlighting how it distinguishes Cytactic in the industry.

Moreover, they also discuss the specific benefits Cytactic provides to organizations seeking to bolster their cyber resilience and address the increasing threat posed by advancements in Gen AI.