Spotlight on Insurtech UK: Louise Birritteri, Founder and CEO, Pikl

May 16, 2024

At the Insurtech UK Half Day Conference, we spoke with Louise Birritteri, Founder and CEO at Pikl, an innovative insurtech focussed on the sharing economy that offers specialist insurance and solutions for holiday homeowners, hosts and businesses.

During the interview, Birritteri explains how the company has evolved since launching in 2019 to meet the needs of their customers and address specific pain points. Having initially offered a range of property damage and liability products, Birritteri talks about the recent launch of Pikl’s global property manager products and how they enable vacation property managers to offer free cancellation up until the time of arrival, highlighting how this hasn’t previously existed in this market.

Also discussed is the recent Norfolk Fintech Report 2024 which was produced by Whitecap Consulting. The report outlines how Norfolk, where Pikl is based, has the highest proportion of insurtech companies in England, outside London, and also has the most concentrated insurance workforce outside of the capital.