Bas de Goei of Instabase: Navigating AI Evolution in Insurance

May 1, 2024

At Insurtech Insights Europe, Nicole Efthymiou caught up with Bas de Goei, Director of Growth Marketing at Instabase. Reflecting on the evolution of AI since their first encounter at the event in 2022, de Goei discusses the changing perception and reception of AI, highlighting its increasing prominence and integral role in the conference agenda.

Delving into the main use cases of GenAI for insurers in the years to come, de Goei explores its transformative potential and its impact on reshaping traditional insurance processes. He also offers insights into the company’s innovative approach and forward-thinking strategies, as well as explaining how Instabase is able to integrate advancements in AI technology into their products and services with lightning speed.

Exploring the advancements in Generative AI on the horizon and their implications for unstructured data processing, de Goei provides a glimpse into the future of AI-driven innovation. The democratization of access to AI tools and its implications for the financial services industry is discussed, as is the importance of responsible use of Gen AI for large organizations, with de Goei offering valuable advice to senior figures navigating the ethical considerations of AI adoption.