Future-proofing Fraud Prevention: Trends and Technologies in Insurance

May 7, 2024

In this exclusive interview recorded at Insurtech Insights Europe, Nicole Efthymiou spoke with Manjit Rana, Executive VP for UK, EMEA and APAC at Clearspeed and Scott Clayton, Head of Claims Fraud at Zurich Insurance.

During the interview Clayton and Rana delve into the intricate relationship between the rising cost of living crisis and its impact on insurance fraud, with the discussion covering not only the current scenario but also emerging trends in fraud as a consequence of economic strains. The conversation also focuses on the challenges posed by digital manipulation in detecting and preventing insurance fraud, emphasizing the role of artificial intelligence (AI) both as a facilitator and a solution to the issue.

Additionally, the evolving landscape of insurance fraud is explored, highlighting the importance of collaboration, data-sharing, and the implementation of advanced AI technologies in staying ahead of emerging fraud tactics. Finally, advice is offered to insurers on enhancing fraud detection capabilities amidst the complexities of digital claims processing.