In App Self-Service Travel Insurance with Sarah Watson, THIS

April 19, 2024

We met with Sarah Watson, Co-Founder and Community Manager at Travel and Health Insurance Series (THIS), to gain insights as to the nature of the travel and health insurance environment, and the relevant topics surrounding this area currently. THIS hosts a conference at London in September every year to facilitate conversations around self-service travel insurance, and to allow connections to be made within the global travel insurance ecosystem.

“Embedded insurance is growing in popularity due to evolving technologies facilitating better data sharing, enabling real time underwriting and personalised cover … as newer distribution partnerships come into play, embedded insurance will keep growing.”

Sarah discusses the importance of AI in the enabling of easier claims processes, and also its involvement in creating personalised holidays in relation to travel insurance.

“Insurers are more focused now on risk mitigation, and they’re able to use the data they have from claims history to put proactive measures in place to protect travelers.”

Insurers are able to facilitate more customisation as a result of better data analytics and sharing of data. Hyper personalisation is becoming more available with the use of tailored policies based on medical records and other factors relating to the individual.

“We’re seeing more self-service and in-app claims functionality, and also cloud technology where it wraps around legacy systems to expediate claims and enhance the whole customer experience.”