Navigating Nat Cat Challenges: Insights from Daniel Grimwood-Bird of McKenzie Intelligence Services

April 20, 2024

In this exclusive interview recorded at Insurtech Insights Europe, Daniel Grimwood-Bird from McKenzie Intelligence Services shares invaluable insights into navigating major cat incidents and reshaping the claims process.

During the interview Grimwood-Bird explains the main pain points for insurers when dealing with major cat incidents worldwide, and offers a comprehensive overview of the challenges faced by the industry. He describes how insurers can leverage Nat Cat data and intelligence from firms like MIS to streamline the claims process for different perils such as hurricanes, fires, and floods, revolutionising the way claims are handled.

Also explored during the interview are the opportunities advanced analytics and intelligence offer insurers in streamlining claims handling and reserving major losses, as Grimwood-Bird sheds light on innovative approaches to enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Founded in 2011, McKenzie Intelligence Services is a geospatial data and imagery analysis intelligence scale up, headquartered in London. They combine cutting edge space and ground technology with human expertise and AI, to offer actionable intelligence and provide value for insurers, reinsurers, brokers and loss adjusters.