Madanes implements Novidea’s insurance management platform, completing an end-to-end digital transformation

June 24, 2024

Novidea, creator of the cloud-based, data-driven enterprise insurance management platform for insurance agencies, brokers, carriers, and MGAs/MGUs, announced that Madanes Insurance Agency, a leading insurance broker specializing in large and complex insurance schemes in the property, liability and health sectors, as well risk management and claims management, has gone live with its insurance management platform.

Madanes has a large and diverse customer base and responds to thousands of inquiries daily. Given Novidea’s experience with global insurance organizations and its end-to-end support for the insurance distribution lifecycle, Madanes selected the Novidea platform, which is now fully operational and serves hundreds of the agency’s employees.

The transition to the Novidea platform enabled the full digitization of all operational and business processes at Madanes Insurance Agency. This transformation integrates all external data sources, such as insurance companies, with internal data from Madanes’ departments and divisions, creating a single source of information and a 360-degree customer view.

These customer profiles include all of the customer’s insurance products, payments, claims, referrals, and more, which enables agents to upsell risk products that precisely meet the needs of each customer at the most cost-effective prices. Madanes’ customer journey will improve with ease, speed, and precision, while ensuring customer data is kept private and secure.

Madanes’ customers now have access to a multi-channel communication system (WhatsApp, SMS, email, phone center) that allows them to conveniently contact the company, receive quick responses on any matter, and perform a variety of actions independently.

Boaz Rubin, CEO of Madanes Insurance Agency, said, “With the implementation of Novidea’s platform, we have completed an end-to-end digital transformation that is expected to yield unprecedented operational efficiency, and the provision of efficient, fast and high-quality service to our policyholders, with 80,000 insurance claims submitted each year. The integration of multiple data sources and the insights presented by the Novidea platform enable us to conduct in-depth analysis and map the risks to which the business and insureds are exposed. We are then able to adjust our solutions offering, reduce expenses for our insureds and enhance customer experience and satisfaction. As insurance experts, we know how to maximize the benefits from Novidea’s platform, which is among the most advanced and successful in the world, and we heavily rely on the knowledge and experience of the company’s people.”

Roi Agababa, CEO and Founder of Novidea, stated, “Insurance organizations worldwide are dealing with outdated and disparate technologies that do not meet today’s needs. Against the backdrop of increasing competition, and with the aim of enhancing customer experience and providing an advanced digital experience, they are looking to replace their traditional systems with new generation systems. This growing demand for innovative technological solutions seeks to improve data quality and access, provide a smooth digital customer experience, and streamline processes. We are excited that Madanes has stepped into the technological forefront of the insurance industry, which will help it maintain its leadership in the market, both in terms of service and customer experience and in operational efficiency metrics.”